jueves, junio 09, 2005

Estamos rodeados

If you've ever blogged about politics in the US, this might be of some interest to you. The Federal Election Commission is considering rules that would apply federal campaign finance regulations to online speech. The FEC says it wants to regulate only paid advertising on the Internet but the proposed rules seem to go well beyond that. For example:
    Proposed Rules for Bloggers
  • Mandatory disclaimers on political blogs
  • Team blogs must register as a "political committee"
  • Bloggers to file campaign expenditure reports
¿No os sentís como Custer en Little Bighorn? Más en Buzz.

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Blogger narpo said...

Bueno, aquí estan intentando colar el estatuto del periodista que no me cabe duda podría ser mucho más efectivo como mordaza.

10:20 p. m.  
Blogger Zeitnot said...

A eso me refiero, pero moriremos con las botas puestas...

10:24 p. m.  

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